Advanced Class

Advanced Class

Advanced Class

Our advanced karate classes are an expertly designed program that takes our experienced students through a rigorous regime of training, honing their technical and physical skills to perfection. With JKA of Los Angeles' certified instructors, students will learn advanced techniques in self-defense, katas, and kumite, as well as focus on the further development of physical strength and mental discipline.

One unique aspect of our advanced class is that it is specifically tailored to challenge and elevate the participant's karate skills with a deeper understanding of the more intricate and technical aspects of martial arts. This class offers a chance for our students to progress to the next level in their karate journey, refining their expertise and expanding their horizons.

Join our advanced class today and experience the cultural significance of martial arts combined with an intensive training program. With this class, students will improve their focus and situational awareness, which can benefit them in both their work and personal lives. 

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your karate skills to an advanced level. Enroll now at JKA of Los Angeles in Whittier, California, and see the difference that our advanced class can make. Contact us today and schedule your class!

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